So here’s a little social media trick that I’ve been abusing in the past year, and I ain’t gonna lie to you, it’s been quite a profitable ride. The most extraordinary thing about it is that I haven’t noticed many guys out there doing it on Instagram, but I may be wrong. Either way, it has worked great for me and I felt like I needed to share the method with you guys as a way to give back to this n.to community. Enough with the kind words, let me show you this thing.

The first thing we’re gonna need to work our magic is gonna be an Instagram page. Not a random Instagram page, we’re going to need a niche-targeted, 10k+ followers page. If you already got that, you probably don’t need this method because you already making good money out of it.

If you don’t you have two options: the first one is grind it out for a few months with quality content and follow/unfollow, trying to reach that 10k mark riding the algorithm.

The second one is to take the shortcut, get those followers, and start juicing money out of your page in a split second.

The reason why having a page with at least 10 thousand followers is important is the following: we’re going to be selling shoutouts, posts, ig stories to anyone that has need of a sponsorship inside of our niche of choice, and to show the results we’re going to buy them a couple hundred followers and they’re going to be extremely pleased with how things worked out. So we need a big page that seemingly has a follower base so that e-commerce and shops are going to want the shoutout. Don’t forget that 10k followers on Instagram are going to grant you a swipe up feature, which is the most important quality that you need if you’re hoping to sell shoutouts. Rinse and repeat, it’s quite some money,

Let me make a list of the things you’re gonna need.

  1. NICHE PAGE: If you can’t come up with a niche that would seem fitting to you, you can just go on Google or Youtube and search for the most active/profitable Instagram niches of 2021. You’ll have to choose one, find a nice name for the page to make it look clean, no dots or underscores or any lame shit, and then you need at least 9 posts, the more the better. Throw in some videos, pics or reels, to make your page look credible. Set it up nicely with a logo or something and make it look like an honourable niche page that feeds quality content for their followers.
  2. SMM PANEL: The importance of having a good and solid SMM panel is crucial for this method. Since we’re gonna need the 10k followers to start our page up, and then we’re going to need to buy some more followers as proof for the customers, you better have a panel that works nicely, isn’t scammy, and that you know that it delivers. So you can choose any panel that you’re comfortable with or that you already know that it’s reliable.  There isn’t a very wide choice of SMM panels on n.to, the one I’ve been using for this whole ride has been Kimive.com, and I’ve seen with pleasure that it just landed here on n.to. They always deliver the followers and their support team is great, so if you didn’t know where to go, now you have my advice.

Once you have these two things in your hand, go on and buy the followers. You don’t want them to be the lamest of all, so don’t buy the shittiest ones because the people might notice that something looks fishy on your page, and you need it to look nice, not fishy. Ten thousand of medium-tier non-drop followers go for more or less twenty dollars on an SMM panel. So after this investment, when you’re done with posting the content and reading the page, you’re good to go.

And now comes the fun part. Enjoy finding the shops and the other little pages on your niche, and write them a nice dm where you offer them your services. You can go easy on them, ten dollars is probably enough for a 24-hour swipe-up story, and up to 15-20 for a post or a reel. They might ask you for proof of your follower base: it’s funny because SMM panels ( i don't know if all of them do but mine does) always sell impressions and reach for Instagram at ridiculous prices, and you can buy them in no time if you need them as proof. Or you can even buy them for the customer along with the couple hundred followers to make the whole return of investment package look amazing for them.

So write them, let them pay you for their shoutout, give it to them and then send their profile some followers and impressions. Let’s be clear, no big expenses here: you need to send them to give some proof of the shoutout but you will never spend more than a dollar. A couple hundred of the cheapest followers go for like ten cents.

Everybody is satisfied, your customers have some apparently great return, and you get to scale this thing for as long as you like, in all the niches you like, with a one-time miserable investment. Plus it’s a well-rounded mechanism because people are going to see real results, and they’ll be cool with buying the shoutouts. They’ll probably buy more after they see how it performs. And you’re making money using an Instagram page that took you one hour max to set up.

Last advice that I have for you: keep the feed of your page updated. Keep it busy, clean and good-looking, keep posting things, try developing some real following as well. The first 10k followers should only be an initial boost, and you should take it from there. The better looking your page is, the more people in your niche are going to be attracted to it and are going to ask for shoutouts.

Plus, don’t forget that any page that is above 10k followers on Instagram still holds some value. So when you grow tired of using it and you are not interested in growing it or keeping it, you can always sell it to anybody who’s interested. The price normally is ten dollars per thousand followers, so you can make another easy hundred bucks if you decide to sell the page.


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