[BHW MEMBER] Unsaturated 2022 IG HACK | $20 to 5k+ in a month

[BHW MEMBER] Unsaturated 2022 IG HACK | $20 to 5k+ in a month

Hey guys, as a person that has always believed in Instagram as a source for traffic and making some extra cash,l i wanted to share this little hack that i developed to sell “social media marketing “ packages to people that are already interested in those services. The invest required is minimum ( even zero but maybe that’s a bit risky and it brings to less reward) and after a couple of hours of work, you’re set up and need no more then ten minutes every now and then.

While I was doing some research on tgram i came across some lesser-known channels that sold promotions for instagram followers and engagement. I actually bought one of those promotions only to realize that the followers that I obtained were completely untargeted.

But I was interested in how those promotions worked from the side of those that were selling them, and making money from those cheap ig boost services. So I discovered that the mechanism that they used was pretty simple: they would create a page, or numerous pages,with a name dm4XXX, with XXX that can be replaced by anything that you could imagine in all sorts of niches. For example dm4fortnitecodes or dm4clashofclansgems would lure people to send a dm to ask for those codes/gems and the answer would be the same every time: to obtain your gems you have to follow every account that i (dm4XXX) follow. Another example might be a NSFW page that promises horny pics if you dm “horny” ( ex. dm4horny).

So  when an unsuspecting clash of clans fan would dm the page for his free gems, he would have had to follow everyone that the dm4XXX page followed. Can you guess who those followed accounts are? The guys that paid for the promotions! That’s why those followers were so untargeted. they could have been from the gaming niche, from the nsfw niche…

Why is it important to know this? Do we want to make spammy dm4… pages that send untargeted traffic to those guys that pay them or is there a more interesting plot twist? There is. Because if you look at the followed accounts of the dm pages, those are all lists of potential smm clients that need followers and engagement desperately. so did i do when i understood this? I collected the most amount of data possibly by scraping every single person that those dm4… pages were following. I’m talking usernames, emails, phone numbers… Then i set up an ig page to look like a well-established social media agency. I boosted the posts with likes and comments and the page with followers ( you’re gonna need an smm panel because you have to give a bit of social proof to your page PLUS they’re gonna provide you with the services that you’re gonna sell to your clients). So i spent like $21-22 on Kimive (that’s my go-to when I need instagram services but you can use whatever smm panel that sells instagram services that you’re comfortable with)and i proceeded to the next step.

I started dming and emailing all those people who had already bought an instagram promotion.You can use this blueprint :

"Hey (name)! Just wanted to say I appreciate the consistency you put into your content. Evidently, it's well received by your audience so you must be doing something right! Pardon the cold outreach, but I specialize in helping (job of the person) like you reach even more people through, and I think there's a great fit between our businesses.

I can guarantee you I can increase your followers by 10% within a week - and if I can't? I'll give you your money back. Not only that, but I'd be willing to give you a major discount on our all-inclusive Influencer blast package. This has worked well for other businesses like yours, and I'm confident the results will be satisfactory enough for you to want to continue doing business with us.

Hope to hear back soon!"

Try to make it as tailored and professional as you can without sounding spammy. You’re representing an agency, remember! Present them your instagram packages, vip packages, and all sorts of social stuff you think they might need.

When they accept your offers, use your smm panel of choice to boost their feed and their engagement and remember to keep track for the results so you can show tangible improvement to your clients.

Needless to say that since I’ve started doing this i made close to 4k and it’s only been a few weeks! Once you’re done with the scraping and the agency page it’s all on autopilot and rinse and repeat.


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