[from r/dropship] LET AI MAKE YOU RICH - TURN $30 TO $1,500+ REPEATABLE

[from r/dropship] LET AI MAKE YOU RICH - TURN $30 TO $1,500+ REPEATABLE

Sup fellow internet jackals :) I’m back with a method that I recently stumbled across thanks to a friend of mine and it might just be the best method for beginners in 2022. Totally underexploited and off the radar i think, purely because this type of money making scheme wasn’t even thinkable just a couple of months ago, but it was recently made possible by the rapid growth in the fields of AI and machine learning.  But let’s not waste time and let’s see what this is really about so you can see for yourself what the juicy twist is about.

This buddy of mine that i mentioned has been working with smm panels for the last 3-4 years and making good stable revenue with them. I have actually always used him as a sort of guru in the smm/growth hacking field and tried more than a couple of his twists on ig or facebook or spotify and always achieved to make some pocket money as well. So when a couple of months ago he told me that he had practically doubled his income and started making 5 figures monthly, i totally knew that i was going to give it a big go to his method, and thankfully i did.

So the big deal is: he found out about this new service on his regular smm panel Kimive.com, which i employed as well for this occasion. This service consists in packages that contain two/three shopify  dropshipping ecommerces completely ready to go. I’m not kidding, like completely completely. for each of these stores you get a selected product, All the copywriting work, the reviews, the seo, the product images, the website design, and everything else that you need to start selling with your online store. (There are three or four tiers of packages, from the most basic to the maxed ones but the bottom line is, i have always used the first or second one and they work just fine. You don’t need all the fancy extra stuff. ) The total price of the basic package is $30 dollars. i thought  this is a scam or it’s absolutely impossible. But he actually decided to inform himself and understand how it was possible to buy 2 complete ready-to-use ecommerce websites for that low price.

What he found out is really interesting both in terms of technology and in terms of money making. The Kimive customer service explained him that thanks to their team of developers, they perfectioned an ai set of tools that can do in a few hours, a list of things like this:

-search trending products on facebook and other sources and choose a niche and a product

- according to the selected niche, choose a fitting shopify theme

- import selected products with relevant images

- scrape positive reviews from same product online (4+ stars reviews from aliexpress, ebay, amazon…) and publish them on the website.

- write original content for the various website pages (about/faq etc, terms, privacy, copy and product description)

- create professionally animated video ads script + natural voiceover narrator (but this is only for the high-end package i think)

In the end, one of their developers checks the finished work by the AI, corrects/ fixes anything wrong if needed and boom! In no time they got three dropshipping stores for you. This totally explains the low prices and the speed of delivery of the websites ( 5-7 days generally).

Now here comes the good part. Once you’ve bought your first pack of websites, go and roam across the internet and sell them for 10x or more of your investment price each and once you’re left with no more websites, do it again!

The main question now is: do you sell them easily? You basically have two strategies. You can go whitehat and sell the websites as new (“ …yeah i had it designed and developed professionally for me, too bad my cat died and i’m too depressed to find the time to work on it…) or any other lame excuse. OR you can go a little blackhat and sell the websites as already started and established, and with some traffic and orders already (... yeah bro my store is so fucking godd and it’s made me so much money… too bad i gotta go to war in kyiv and i can’t bring my laptop so i’m selling it…). To make them look established you can buy fake traffic or make fake transactions and orders with a VPN maybe ( make it look international). If you use different credit cards you’ll be able to fake a shit-ton of orders.

If you go with the first strategy, your go-to places should be Flippa, Freemarket, Sedo or Website Broker  and all those kinds of markets where dropshipping sites sell for 300-400 dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

If you go blackhat, i suggest you start connecting with people in the dropshipping niche under youtube videos or on Reddit, there are lots of subreddits where people talk dropshipping and look to buy/sell sites (ex: r/dropshipping). Connect with guys, make them interested and get them to buy your website. Keep in mind that even if they give you a 100 shitty dollars which is almost insulting, you’ll already have tripled the investment you made to buy your first package.

RINSE AND REPEAT GUYS, In january and February 2022 I have literally broken my paypal account with this method.

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